A little history. In 1824, the first “recorded” burial at the “Boonsboro” site took place.  It is commonly believed that burials took place as early as 1780′ since this was an ideal “high ground” location on the old Santa Fe Trail.  Since most of the grave markers during the early years were made of wood, they have long since disappeared but the “old” stones give insight to the people and families who traveled through and lived in this area.

On 13 May, 1824 a group of 5 individuals organized what was to become the Boonsboro Cemetery Association.  Joseph Cooper, Frances Cooper,  R. H. Turner, N. G. Elliott, M.W. Elliott were the “founding” members with additional members John Amick, Thomas S. Smith, John A. Fisher, Robert H. Turner and Gilbert M. Cloyd.

In 1867, during the War Between the States, both Confederate and Union casualties were tended by medical staff in what was then the Boonsboro Church (old site).  There are many Confederate and Union markers in the Cemetery.

The new Boonesboro Church was chartered in 1909 and created on the Cemetery site near the town of Boonsboro by John Schiff, John Ford, John Hartford and John Swearengen.

Today the Boonesboro Cemetery is a well maintained public cemetery serving the local community and members of the Boonesboro Church which currently has a membership of approximately 400 of whom between 30 and 60 attend Church services on a regular basis.